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Amrita Multi Management Academy System is built upon open source technology platforms which are widely used enterprise application development. The choice of technology is crucial to our clients also since it can increase/decrease the total investment required. We have two delivery models for Amrita Paathashala.
  • Cloud model
  • Distributed model
  • In Cloud model we will host the software in our servers and you can access your school data over Internet. This is very similar to the way you use Gmail or Yahoo!Mail. This universal access will help you get school data from anywhere, anytime. Just connect to Internet and log-in to your school's page to access the data you want.

  • In Distributed model the software will be implemented at school and users can access it through local network. This model ensures fastest performance though there will not be any universal access.
  • In both models we will provide on-site support for 1 year and offline support as long as the subscription is valid. The initial 1 year on-site support includes training in Amrita Paathashala.

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