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This module manages the entire admission process from inquiry to enrollment in one location. It handles the pre admission procedures such as sale of application form, pre admission test and reports of the above.

This module manages complete school accounts such as student’s fee billing, vehicle expense and bank transaction. This automatically calculates the pending fees and concessions if applicable, and is flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of fee payments. This calculates the total income and expense of the institution and a variety of reports are generated.

It deals with the recruitment of staff and maintains a database of staff’s details. Keeps track of staff attendance, generate pay slips, and handles the payment for employees. They can view leave status as well as submit leave requests online.

You can manage all consumables and durables of school here. With this you can maintain a record of purchases and stocks and can generate purchase orders.

It keeps the information on fuel consumption, maintenance details etc of the vehicle. Bus fare is calculated automatically and is also integrated with fee structure for the ease to charge cash from students.

Here, you can easily assign the subjects for different classes, including electives and according to that lesson plans is set. It keeps track of student records and generates the time table for that academic year.

You can organize examinations and analyze the performance of students with ease. You can easily calculate the grade of students in desired format and can generate report cards.

Parents can interact with teachers effectively. They get updates on child’s attendance, performance report and fee payment. They can also view the exam results of their child.

Students can view the results of online exams. They can view and analyze their performance in all exams. They can see the fee report and verify the amount paid, to be paid and pending amount.

Parents get updates on child’s attendance, marks, fee payment dates, events etc through SMS.

Teachers and students can access library records, and can reserve books online.

Parents and students get online information about hostel room availability and other facilities offered. It will integrate with finance module to show the up to date balance in their account.

Student can learn their respective subject via E-Learning solutions

Student features
• Students can able to watch teacher's video through live streaming
• Students can able to chat with teacher
• Students can write and watch the white-board screen
• Students can able to see teacher's presentation document
• Students can able to attend class from home or any locations

Teacher’s features

• Online attendance
• View students video
• Answer students doubt via video
• As teacher writes on the white-board screen students can able to watch 
every written on the white-board, other way is also possible
• Teachers can able to share their desktop
• Teachers can upload their presentation document for students to watch
• Chat with group of students or individual student
• Conduct online exam
• Teach from anywhere, any location  

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